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Along with our publications you will receive the individual service of a dedicated account executive. Under the direction of Christopher F. Castaldo (President and Founder)your account executive's core responsibility will be to act as a liaison between you and our research staff. Your account executive is also responsible for.

  • Monitoring your positions (According to our weekly reports)
  • Contacting you with important developments as they occur.

Our account executives are not to be confused with brokers they do not control your funds or participate in any investment decision making. This key factor makes our service completely objective and unbiased.

Our account executives are responsible both for managing all the firm's services for the benefit of our clients and also for representing the firm's point of view to our clients. Our research presents clients with a menu of stocks that have distinctly different characteristics. Our account executives are there to help put our professional caliber research to work for our clients. This approach keeps our clients abreast of our research and allows them to reach their investment needs without having to lose control of their assets.

Initiated Coverage Report
This report is our flagship product. It focuses on stocks with above average potential to out perform the market. The companies spotlighted in this report are usually on the verge of a break through. The company is also significantly undervalued and about to take advantage of it's industry because of superior management or a unique approach to it's industry. All recommendations follow our research guidelines and are very sensitive to the level of risk that is assumed.

Update Report

Published every Tuesday and Thursday after the market closes, this report includes critical updates on stocks within the Stock Traders Press portfolio. As per our continuing analysis of each recommendation, the purpose of this report is to keep our clients abreast of their investments.

Market Overview

This report is published periodically throughout the year. It gives a broad overview of how the market is performing as a whole and how the market will perform in weeks to come. It also gives insight as to how large scale market forces will effect the stocks within the Stock Traders Press portfolio.

Miscellaneous Reports

Miscellaneous reports are published occasionally when a political, legal. or social event will effect specific industries or the stocks within the Stock Traders Press portfolio. These reports are highly informative and contain very interesting and accurate market insight from those who know the market best.