Independent Unbiased Equities Research

Through our accredited analysts, detailed research, and the service of our account executives we provide unbiased stock recommendations to individuals and professional investors.

Our track record shows that we have picked almost 80% winners in the past 6 years. Many investors and financial professionals are with us for years because they achieve the desired results from our research. Our stock selection process is based on the following approaches:

Undiscovered Companies
We select companies that possess strong financial characteristics in addition to having a limited amount of investment research coverage by the investment community. Such limited coverage generally results in a low valuation for the company's stock due to a lack of awareness by the investment management community. Normally, these companies are in attractive industries but not necessarily a dominant factor.

Contrarian Investing
In this approach, we cover industries and companies which are not considered especially attractive by the majority of the investment research houses at any particular time. Because most of the potential company investments in this category will have low valuations, there can be numerous opportunities. Generally, these companies have experienced a short-term problem which has been resolved but the investment community has not recognized.

Our Service
We make about 12 fundamental stock selections each year. Our reports are published each Tuesday / Thursday at 4PM EST. Other reports are published based on market or company specific news. All securities are updated regularly until each position is closed. 80% of our picks in the past 6 years have been profitable.

Consequently, we take investors from caution and confusion to confidence and clarity! We invite you to review our detailed track record

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