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For the past 3 years, our stock picking service has achieved almost 8  winners out of every 10 stocks selected. To prove it... we have listed EVERY stock our Firm has recommended in the last 3 years! 
Our Independent Fundamental stock selections are posted to our web site  each Tuesday / Thursday at 4PM EST.For a limited time, we are offering our  Firm's TOP 2 selections! 
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3 year track  record:
2003: 17 picks  (15 winners 2 losers)

2004: 12 picks (9  winners 3 losers)

2005: 14 picks (most  recommendations are still open)
We are an unbiased independent investment research firm that provides in-depth coverage across a broad range of securities classes. Our analysts provide timely and concise market analysis, short term and long term recommendations, hedging strategies, as well as brokerage industry insights geared to help you build positions and manage risk.

Our service stands out because we donít recommend stocks such as Microsoft, IBM, General Motors, General Electric, WalMart or Pfizer. These stocks are over researched and simply wonít generate the quality returns they did in the 90ís. More so, experience has taught us that a key element to successful investment management is the avoidance of undue risk assumption. Generally, high risk stocks were unsuccessful and will decline precipitously and thus offset the successful investments within a portfolio. As a result, we are very sensitive to the level of risk that is assumed. To achieve this, we believe a very disciplined approach should be employed. And, in an effort to do so, there are two aspects that are adopted:

Undiscovered Companies- We select companies that possess strong financial characteristics that have a limited amount of investment research coverage by the investment community. Such limited coverage generally results in a low valuation for the companyís stocks due to a lack of awareness by the investment management community. Normally, such companies are in attractive industries but the company is not necessarily a dominant factor.

Contrarian Investing- In this approach, we cover industries and companies which are not considered especially attractive by the majority of the investment research houses at any particular time. Because most of the potential company investments in this category will have low valuations, there can be numerous opportunities. Generally, these companies have experienced a short-term problem which has been resolved but the investment community has not recognized.
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