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Special Opportunities


Every so often we discover an opportunity in the market that can't be held secret. These Special Opportunities are what makes a good year better and a GREAT year FABULOUS! Some call these stocks sleepers, others refer to them as poppers or Diamonds in the Rough. To us…they are SPECIAL!

What makes them Special?

Over the past few years, there have been select stocks that have been beaten up because of the lackluster performance of the overall market environment. Many investors were forced to sell off these quality securities regardless of their intrinsic value to satisfy margin calls. Now they have simply been forgotten. In other cases stocks once traded at $100.00 per share are all the way down to $1.00. Take PriceLine for example, several months back PCLN was trading @ $1.00. News was released on the company and within 60 trading days PCLN soared to $10.00 per share (up 1000%). Stocks like these can do wonders for portfolio value and net worth.

There are still other companies in the marketplace that simply do not have the exposure or sponsorship of a large Wall Street Bank or Investment Firm. Without the right sponsorship these Special Opportunities low for a while and trade significantly beneath their expected value. When the Street does finally recognize their true value…it is typically too late to get involved. The next generation of the Ciscos, Dells, EBAYs, and Microsofts are out there!

Why are they so hard to find?

The problem is that there is little general information these stocks available. The information that is out there tends to be in the form of SEC filings and those take a professional eye to assess the real value behind complex balance sheets, income statements, and professional jargon.

Guidance is the key

Our team of unbiased, independent, professional analysts is constantly sifts through the universe of listed stocks to uncover a diamond in the rough. Put our ears and years of experience on Wall Street to work for you. Let us become your guide to these uncommon opportunities for significant wealth.

Remember Wall St. is small street…it's not what you know but whom you know…




Special Opportunities - This analytical report is published at various times (about 12 times annually) throughout the year when we isolate an uncommon value in the stock market. These recommendations have the potential for significant gains (generally in excess of 60%-100%)

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