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Due to today's market environment, active traders can NOW make a killing in the stock market. In recent times the market has become very predictable. 200 points up… 200 points down! Within these swings one can make consistent gains in a short period of time. The days of stocks jumping 20 or 30 points in a single session may be over for now, but there is more than 1 way to skin a cat! Adaptation to the market is the name of the game. Implementation and Execution are words we live by. If you are seriously interested in making short-term gains let our program serve as your Blue-print for success.

** Recent winners such as these can do wonders for short-term capital gains!

85 - 1.52
up 78% in 4 days
1.35 - 1.85
up 37% in 3 days
10.29 - 13.86
up 35% in 19 days
15.30 - 18.50
up 21% in 13 days
27.55 - 32.03
up 16% in 6 days


33.40 - 30.56
up 8.5% in 14 days
51.40 - 47.00
up 8.6% in 14 days


Short-Term Report -This is our flagship product and is published every Tuesday after the market closes. The recommendations consist of one or two stocks advising either a buy or a short sale strategy. Our analyst's comb through thousands of stocks listed on the major indexes each week and look for companies that may return 15%-30% over the next 2-8 weeks.

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$999 / Quarter

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