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Corporate Update

Corporate Communications Corporation, the publisher of Stock Traders Press, is proud to announce that we’ve made significant innovative changes to our operation. As the company continues to grow into a dominant provider of unbiased investment research, we’ve added new faces and brought in additional features to reposition our array of products.

In terms of staff, Corporate Communications has recently hired John E. Fitzgibbon Jr., a well-known and highly respected individual for IPOs, to anchor our daily market coverage. Other new hires include Jeffrey R. Hirschkorn an analyst that gained attention while employed at and William D. Young, formerly a director of research at Citibank, will oversee analytical operations of the firm.

With regard to product development, Stock Traders Press has begun to reshape its overall analytical layout to include more direct information that will assist the active investor and institutional client. Over the past two weeks, we’ve received recognition from major media outlets for the reports ease of use and ability to learn the highlights in an abbreviated format. Wall Street investors don’t have the time to rummage through pages of research. They want answers in a few short points. The bottom line: An investor wants to read a report and learn how they can make a profit.

As we pen this issue of the Short-Term Report, Corporate Communications Corporation is proud to announce that it has commenced with a new version of its interactive arm. The site, located at, builds on our strength to provide in-depth research in a much easier format with added features such as an intricate column on the Street written daily by Mr. Fitzgibbon and have eliminated News You Can Use. In place of News You Can Use is Inside Wall Street that will follow trends in the marketplace.

Corporate Communications Corporation is constantly changing to meet the needs of our clients. We would love to hear from you and welcome your comments to help further our operations. Drop us a line at [email protected].

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