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Next Trend
By Bruce Mushial

There have been trends that have made investors rich. The personal computer, cellular phones, and the Internet are just a few that come to mind. How do you identify a blockbuster technology or trend and get onboard before it is identified by everyone and their brother. There are four main ways to identify these trends. The easiest way to make money from a new trend is to let Stock Traders Press discover it for you. The second way to identify a new trend is to look and see what others are calling a trend. If enough people identify something as a trend then it IS a trend. The chore is to identify if it is a trend that will continue long enough for you to benefit from or is it a fad. Everyone was buying Pet Rocks in the 1970's but it was really a short-lived fad. Large warehouse style home improvement and buying clubs with forklifts running around during shopping hours is a true trend that has developed over the past decade. If you'd bought shares of Home Depot or Costco when they were first issued you would have done extremely well. Another way to identify new trends is to look around and see what is going on around you. You may be able to identify some trends before they are widely acknowledged. Look for new technology or new products in your day-to-day activities. Have you noticed that they are replacing the traditional light bulbs in traffic signals with LED (Light Emitting Diode) displays? Not only are the lights more reliable but they use only 12 watts of electricity compared to the 60 watts of a traditional bulb. There are a lot of traffic signals that will be replaced and this might be an investment opportunity if they are manufactured by a publicly traded company. If you see a new product in the workplace that strikes you as meeting a need that widely exists, do some research to find out who manufactures the product. Are they a publicly traded company? Will the hot product add significantly to its bottom line? A third way to find new trends is to actively do research. This can be as involved as subscribing to and reading highly technical industry publications or as simple as watching programs on the Discovery Channel, reading Popular Mechanics, or surfing the Internet and signing up for free e-newsletters on different industries. Industry newsletters frequently contain information on new products and technologies. Did you know that each month an increasing number of municipalities are successfully using agriculture-based BioDiesel to power their bus and truck fleets instead of OPEC regulated crude oil? That information came from a free e-newsletter from the Internet. Keep your eyes open and you might find the next stock that goes up 1000% in a 2-3 years…Or keep your Stock Traders Press subscription current and we'll find that stock for you.

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