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Terms of Use


The Stock Traders Press message board was created on July 27, 2001 to provide a forum for investors to discuss the stock market.

1) You are NOT allowed to post messages that contain information on recently recommended Stock Traders picks. All posts of this nature will promptly be deleted by the administrator.

2) You are NOT allowed to use profanity or other vile language, or language containing sexual references or innuendoes.

3) You are NOT allowed to engage in personal attacks against members or flame or otherwise insult other members or employees of StockTradersPress. Please show respect for your fellow Forumers.

4) You are NOT allowed to disrupt the Message Board by posting inflammatory, confrontational, incendiary, mean, hateful, or bigoted messages, or by any other means.

5) You are NOT allowed to post advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or solicitations.

6) You are NOT allowed to "Spam" or "Flood" the Message Board (post the same message numerous times or different messages in rapid succession).