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Long-Term Shift

     The Stock Traders Press is shifting to a higher gear. Our short-term research report is in its third year. Our Spotlight Stocks returned 149% last year. The company has grown from a staff of 3 to 25. Two of our analysts fill regular weekly commentator spots on Yahoo! Finance Vision and AOL Market Talk. This passed spring we introduced our long-term research report. The make-up of the long-term portfolio is shifting. Over the past 3 months we have put together a group of stocks that create an excellent foundation for the long-term investor. We have tried to diversify the portfolio to take advantage of the gains in many sectors including software, Internet, telecommunications, and retail. The long-term recommendations have included highly recognizable high market cap stocks that provide excellent opportunities for capital appreciation over the next 6 to 18 months. The recommendations include retailer and Internet play Best Buy (up 12% since our recommendation), and semiconductor and telecommunications giant Motorola (up 14%). As the portfolio goes forward the recommendations will include an increasing number of more obscure, not heavily followed, stocks in the $15-$40 range. Where the foundational recommendations are likely to return 40% to 60%, the less heavily followed smaller stocks will attempt to produce higher returns over the next 6 to 18 month period. Larger recognized stocks will continue to be among the recommendations, but interspersed with the less followed stocks. The emphasis will be to identify quality companies in rapidly growing industries that will shortly have the following of larger companies due to exceptional growth, products and management.


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