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Technology! Technology! ... Technology?
By Peter S. Iuvara

Who doesn't want to make money in the stock market? The stock market is an awesome tool, or channel if you will to making money. I have heard people say the stock market is like "legalized gambling". I tend to disagree. Yes, there is some degree of risk and luck, but if that's all you have, then any 'lucky streak' will be surely be short lived!

Most investors I have spoken with feel like they have just had their heads bit off by someone who has just accused them of 'ruining the shoe' at the no-holds-barred, high-stakes $1 blackjack table! Investors need to be well informed; especially, in todays market conditions. There is a great deal of information out there to digest when deciding on what stocks to buy. Many investors though the technology excitement would never end. Unfortunately, many investors have lost money over the last 12 months because of this. I am a strong believer in technology and how it can and will improve our standard of living. The rate of progress and advancement in technology is mind-boggling at times, which may have lead to the dramatic technology bubbles of last year. For example, it is estimated that in 2010, the microprocessors used in today's most highly advanced desktop computers will be so cheap, that they will probably be used in everyday household items, such as, light bulbs!

Technology is the future; it is where investors need to be. Over the long-term it should undoubtedly produce the largest gains. So is now the time to buy technology? Well, that depends!

We have done extremely well over the last few weeks by playing more conservative securities … Walgreen (WAG), American Eagle Outfitters (AEOS), Skechers USA (SKX), XTO Energy (XTO), etc. We decided to stay away from technology near-term during the earnings season to Federal Reserve meeting time range. As we approach the Fed's meeting next Tuesday, we will probably change our weighting on technology.

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