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CCC Mortgage Advice may provide you with peace of mind and confidence when you are looking for ANY mortgage; Commercial Residential, Mixed Use, purchase or refinance.

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Corporate Communications Corp. is proud to announce our new Mortgage Consulting Service. Our Mortgage Consulting Service may assist and guide you through the mortgage process from pre-approval to closing.


If you are looking for a mortgage or considering refinancing, we can provide a valuable service. We can help you in the decision-making process and offer suggestions your mortgage professional may not have presented. Our Mortgage Consulting Service can show you how to negotiate better deals, eliminate “junk fees”, and ultimately provide you with savings throughout the life of your mortgage. Your mortgage professional is watching your rates but who is watching your mortgage professional?

We are not mortgage brokers or mortgage bankers. What this service can do for you is, make sure your mortgage professional is not taking advantage of you and is getting the you deal that is best for you.

This is a service with years of experience in the mortgage business and knows the in’s and out’s. Our consultant has consulted some of the largest and well-known brokers and bankers in the greater New York area and East coast. Now You can have Corporate Communications Corp. in your corner to help you get the best mortgage deal, one that may provide you with years of savings.