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  • This company has over 100Mil in cash.
  • They have NO DEBT!
  • Their semiconductor materials are used in 1 out of every 3, cell phones in the world.
  • Additionally, their semiconductor materials are use in 1 out of every 3, camcorders in the world.
  • Their customers include Nokia, Motorola, Sharp, and JVC (just to name a few).
  • They were recently awarded a development contract from the US ARMY.
  • Additionally they have recently signed a contract with a major manufacturer of digital cameras.
  • The improving landscape for the telecommunication sector has resulted in a strong rise in orders for this companies products.
  • Their next generation of products for the cell phone industry will carry noticeably higher profit margins.
  • Higher interest rates may not affect this company due to the fact that they have NO DEBT and over 100Mil in cash!
NOTE: The last time our Firm recommended this stock it traded from $5.00 - $7.50 (up 50%). This time, we think it can trade to $10.00 PLUS!!!

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