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June 11, 2003

Update - Dynegy, INC.

We continue to view Dynegy Inc. as an attractive turnaround situation.

The recent decline in the price of the shares of Dynegy Inc. can be traced to the following issues:....more

June 6, 2003

TAKE PROFITS -- Cooper Industries

This recent Stock Traders Press recommendation has seen appreciation.

This stock has performed well and has achieved our target price. Recommend clients take profit.

June 2, 2003

Fremont General Corp.

Last Thursday, May 29th, Fremont General declared a special cash dividend of $.02 per share for shareholders of record on June 6th, 2003 which will be payable on June 30th, 2003.

This dividend is in addition to the company’s regular quarterly dividend of $.03 per share....

April 28, 2003

TAKE PROFITS -- General Electric (GE)

This recent Stock Traders Press recommendation has seen appreciation.

This stock has performed well in a lackluster market. We recommend that clients exit at current levels.

MARCH 17, 2003
King Pharmaceutical (KG)

Last week, the stock of King Pharmaceutical declined sharply as a result of the announced SEC investigation into the company’s pricing policy on two of its drugs which were sold to Medicare.

FEBRUARY 28, 2003
Fremont General (FMT)

Fremont General reported its Fourth Quarter and full year results for 2002, which were quite strong.  Earnings for the Fourth Quarter were $0.43 per share, which were up 119% over the Fourth Quarter of 2001.

FEBRUARY 26, 2003
Suncor Energy (SU)

This stock has performed well in a weak market. We recommend that clients exit at current levels. If / when the U.S. invades Iraq, the price of oil and the oil stocks could move lower. Our clients received a 15% gain while the S&P 500 declined 7%.

FEBRUARY 13, 2003
Federal Express (FDX) and UPS Int'l (UPS)

In view of the slowdown in both the domestic and international economics, we consider the stocks of Federal Express (FDX $50.20) and UPS International (UPS $57.37) to be overpriced and consequently suggest that these stocks are short sale recommendations.

FEBRUARY 11, 2003
Silicon Graphics (SGI)

Today, Silicon announced 17 key sales wins during the recently completed quarter. Not only was this announcement good news, what was impressive was the breadth of industries, which purchased Silicon Graphics systems.

FEBRUARY 10, 2003
KLA-Tencor (KLA)

We are recommending the short-sale of KLA-Tencor over the near term.

Our primary concern is the continued poor environment for the customers of KLA-Tencor; that being the semiconductor industry. Recently, Intel announced that it will reduce its capital expenditures to around $4.5 billion down from $6-$7 billion.

FEBRUARY 5, 2003
King Pharmaceutical (KG)

King Pharmaceutical recently announced that its earnings outlook for 2003 has improved as a result of its acquisition of two drugs licenses from Elan Corp. Basically, the company increased its earnings outlook for 2003 to about $1.69 per share, up from $1.60 per share. We view this as very positive and continue to view King Pharmaceutical as an undervalued situation. In view of the volatility of the stock price, it appears that King Pharmaceutical is misunderstood by the investment community. King Pharmaceutical is currently trading at $15.26, and we maintain our target price of $21.00.

JANUARY 30, 2003
King Pharmaceutical (KG)

Today, King Pharmaceutical announced the purchase of two major drugs from Elan Corp. for $850 million, plus the acquisition of 400 representatives of Elan's primary care services. This acquisition is a POSITIVE for King inasmuch it further extends its product line and sales force.


JANUARY 17, 2003
Media Alert

Stock Traders Press' CEO and Founder Christopher Castaldo will be discussing Home Depo (HD) and Silicon Graphics (SGI) on CBS Radio this afternoon at 1:50 PM EST. (Times may vary depending on market)

JANUARY 15, 2003
EMC Corp (EMC)

The Dow has risen in recent weeks and is having difficulty getting through resistance at 8900. This recent Stock Traders Press recommendation has run up over the past 6 weeks and is showing a 30% profit for clients as it nears its target price. We recommend clients exit half their positions at these levels to generate cash. We continue to believe the stock will reach its $9.00 target price.

JANUARY 10, 2003
Alpharma (ALO)

This recent Stock Traders Press recommendation is at or near our target price. ALO came out this morning and stated that their earnings look to be higher than expected. Today the stock is up over 2 points to $16.20. Many of our clients own this stock between $8.50 and $12.00 per share

DECEMBER 3, 2002:
C&D Technologies (CHP)

This recent Stock Trader Press recommendation has hit target. Although a long-term recommendation (6-18 months) the stock has hit target ahead of schedule and we recommend clients exit their positions at current levels.

NOVEMBER 11, 2002:
Silicon Graphics (SGI)

Silicon Graphics was up 25% TODAY on 6 times its average volume.
The stock closed at $1.30.

NOVEMBER 1, 2002:
Fremont General (FMT)

On October 30, Fremont General reported third quarter earnings of $0.40 per share, which is an increase of 99% over the previous year third quarter earnings of $0.21 per share. Earnings for the 9 months ended September 30, 2002 were $1.00. The earnings performance of Fremont General is excellent. For the fourth quarter we are estimating earnings of $0.38 per share bringing annual earnings up to $1.38 per share. Our slightly lower fourth quarter estimate is due solely to the upcoming holiday season. Additionally, the current book value is $5.88 per share and should end the year at about $6.26 per share.