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FEBRUARY 12, 2003


Today, Silicon announced 17 key sales wins during the recently completed quarter. Not only was this announcement good news, what was impressive was the breadth of industries, which purchased Silicon Graphics systems. Specifically, the diversification of the sales were as follows:

Major systems were sold to…

  • 7 universities such as Tokyo University and University of Queensland.
  • 3 defense companies such as Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics
  • 4 media related companies such as France Television and Softbank of Japan.
  • 2 industrial companies such as Proctor & Gamble and Hyundai of South Korea.
  • 1 science related institute such as Tokyo's Human Genome Center.

We continue to regard Silicon Graphics as an undervalued technology company which is selling at $1.20 per share and we maintain a target price of $4-$5 per share.

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