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Take Profits
August 18 , 2004

Take Profits -- Prime Hospitality (NASD) PDQ

This recent Stock Traders Press recommendation has seen appreciation.

Today, the Blackstone Group announced that it will acquire Prince Hospitality at $12.25 per share in cash. Since the board of directors of Prime Hospitality has approved the offer, there is very little likelihood of a higher bid price.
Consequently, we recommend the sale of the stock.

Prime Hospitality (NYSE) PDQ
Action: Take Profits  
Recommended 9/23/03  
At $8.98  
Price Today $11.96  
Point Gain $2.98  
Actual Gain 33.2%  
Days Held 330  
DJIA 10,057.31  
S&P 500 1,092.77  
NASDAQ 1,826.0  



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