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Information Drives Success


The stock market offers investors over 50 different sectors to diversify their funds. Within these industry sectors there are tens of thousands of stocks to choose from. The problem isn't that people don't have the money to invest… they don't have the information!

What does an investor with limited resources do?

We established our Industry Outlook report for investors with limited time and resources. You still need exposure to the various marketplaces… with precise timing! Too many investors buy the right stock at the wrong time. The result: ?under-performing assets. Always chasing the boat as it's leaving port is unproductive and frustrating.

There are tremendous profits to be made by investing in the breath of the market… and not necessarily the best of the bunch. Let me explain! Look at the semi-conductor, energy, pharmaceutical and / or software sectors. You don't have to select the best stock within that sector to make money…it more often has to do with movement. Generally speaking when 1 of the stocks within these sectors reports good news it will advance the entire group. Often the specific security that releases the news will trade up the highest but their competitors will gain as well.

How do we do it?

No one is lucky or smart enough to always pick the exact top or bottom of the best company. We look for the fat in the middle! We isolate the stocks within a sector that are most likely to lead their market. In the process we uncover those securities you need to avoid. You get a disciplined approach to diversified investing, insight into the whole market, and practical unbiased guidance.



Industry Outlook - Twice a month our Research Staff highlights and assesses a unique sector in the market. After sizing up that industry, they select the best candidates, discuss their outlooks and explain which companies you want to avoid.
This report serves as your gateway to sector profits and becomes your educational guide to specific industry opportunities.

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