It's true!  You can receive a 100% gain on your investment in just 12 months with virtually no risk.  In a nutshell: You can donate a car, boat, real estate or art to a qualified charity and write off the full appraised value.  However, it doesn't make sense to most people to donate a $10,000 asset to receive a $4,000 tax savings.  But what If you could buy an asset at a 70-80% discount below its appraised value as established by an IRS certified appraiser?  You could donated it to a qualified charity and deduct the full appraised value on your taxes.  You would receive a substantial gain on your investment!  That is the deal we have put together with the bulk purchase of beautiful southwestern art already appraised by an IRS certified appraiser.  Even more audit protection is built in due to the simple IRS rule that proof of value (i.e. the appraisal from an IRS certified appraiser) needs to be filed with your return, so the proof of your deduction travels to the IRS right in the same envelope as your tax return! 

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